Australia based team “Dick Johnson racing”   ( DJR )  Built 6 sierra rs500s in total , the first 2 ( DJR 1 and DJR2 ) were sold at the end of 1988 to the new UK team ,Trackstar , this team was born with a joint effort between Robb Gravett and Mike Smith ( the TV and Radio personality)


DJR1 and 2 were raced by Robb and Mike in 1989 and 1990 . after the demise of Group A in 1990 DJR 1 was raced overseas by Graham Hathaway while DJR2 was stiped and turned into a rally car .

DJR 1 later was raced by a couple of drivers before being bought and raced by Andy Lloyd in various race series . Andy eventually retired the car and restored it back into the iconic DJR livery ( Shell ultra Hi ) until being sold to myself .

DJR 2 was thought to be lost forever until a chance meeting between its current owner Mr Ian Goff and myself , Ian told me he had an old touring car and after a quick chat i told him i though it was the missing DJR2 and that he needed to get the car restored back into its original form as a famous DJR touring car . Ian asked me if i would take on this task , and the rest is history as they say.

The car took about 8 years in total as it was a spare time job , plus we needed to track down the correct parts to get the car as close to original as possible .

The car was finished about 2 years ago and now is a proud addition to Ian’s collection .

It was a real privilege to be asked to restore this fantastic rs500 , and although at times tested our patience seeing the 2 cars finally reunited in there famous DJR liveries was fantastic.